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A commissioned painting is an investment in something truly personal and special. I've been making commissions for several years now, and I feel confident in my ability to make each painting special, timeless, and a treasure for you to hold forever.


The majority of my pieces I paint them on linen panel which is a very sturdy and durable support, as well as great quality oil paints and varnishes so your custom piece is the best quality possible.

If the painting is too large we will be working on a stretched canvas such as the photograph on the left.


 • A single person portrait or multiple persons.


• Pet portrait.

•A scene from a film.

• Master copies (please let me know which one in the form section below and we can discuss it together)


I always work from a reference, whether that is real life or a photograph,

I do not work from imagination.

I will do adjustments in Photoshop (ex. different background, remove elements), but I highly recommend to not add people or elements from different photos into one single painting; in my experience it never quite works organically since they are in different lights and backgrounds.


Commissions start at:

  9x12 inch — $500

11x14 inch — $550

12x16 inch — $600

16x20 inch — $900

18x24 inch — $1150

24x40 inch — $1500

(Bigger and some odd sizes are available as well)

This covers all the materials used, the time invested in your unique and custom order, and any editing on the design or photograph we discuss.


Framing is also an option available for most sizes that will enhance and protect your artwork.   From natural, to gold, ornate, or a simple design- we can select from a range of wooden frames so that your painting arrives ready for you.

Dexter- Jaimee-4_edited.jpg
Commission Snow is melting.jpg


A deposit of $50 is requested before starting your commission, &  payment installments are available to make it more comfortable for you.

(Paypal; Credit/Debit Card; Klarna; afterpay)

After painting is finished, we can proceed with the full payment before shipping.

When requesting your commission, keep in mind the painting time can vary, as well as the drying time for the oil & the varnish. I must make sure it is completely dry to be able to ship it to you.​


Commissions can take between 5-8 weeks (varies from size to size) total from the start until you receive it.

Shipping will be made via USPS Priority, FedEx, or UPS depending on the destination.
You can submit your commission now by filling out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am always happy to adjust to your budget and find a way to make it work. Thank you for trusting me on this project!
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